Corrugated Boxes

Wide variety of corrugated packaging boxes for product packaging, shipping, retail, gifts, clothing and food packaging

Corrugated packaging boxes are natural and recyclable, and are an affordable green alternative to plastic. They are widely used in product packaging and distribution due to their durability, sturdiness, strength, cost effectiveness and light weight. Corrugated boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized according to your required size, construction, value and quantity. We offer a variety of product choices including kraft corrugated boxes, white corrugated boxes and boxes with full-color printing and lamination.

Single & Multi Colour Printing with customized design that match your branding and colors.

Variety of paper choices kraft liner, white liner and recycled paper. Thickness (Flute profile) from 0.8mm - 5mm.

Sizes range from 4 x 20 x 15 cm (H x W x D) to 20 x 60 x 40 cm (H x W x D).

Lamination, hot metallic foil, embossing, spot UV, glitter finishes.

Our Product Range

Meal Boxes
Meal Boxes

Food-safe, environmentally sustainable, easy to ship and cost effective packaging solution.

Takeaway Carrier Box
Takeaway Carrier Box

This type of boxes is used to carry food and can be customized with your business's name, logo and brand colors.

Pizza Box
Pizza Box

Our pizza boxes come in a range of sizes to hold your small, medium, or large pizza, and meet food packaging standards.

Product Packaging
Product Packaging

We have a wide range of boxes for packing, mailing and delivering your products in a economical, safe and eco-friendly way.

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Eco-Friendly Packing Solutions

At Arjouwan, we’re concerned about the environment, and are committed towards protecting our surroundings. We aim to fully exploit the paper and cardboard we use, throwing out as little as possible during the production and recycling the material we don’t use.

ISO 9001 – 2015 Certified Quality

Arjouwan is accredited with ISO 9001 – 2015 standard that provides consumers with the much-needed conformity of authenticity and packaging quality.

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